EAPRIL's 2017 Conference Submissions are welcomed!

EAPRIL 2017 Conference submissions are open! Our upcoming 2017 conference will be organised in thé country of education, Finland (Hämeenlinna, November 28 - December 1, 2017), and will aim to bridge educational research and practice.

The EAPRIL Conference is known to be highly interactive and offers a wide range of presentation formats, both traditional formats as more innovative ones, such as workshops with fllipping the session features, and our new Case Study session by which we invite practitioners to present a case from practice, which will then be reflected on and discussed in dialogue with the audience. Finally, you cannot go to thé most renowned educational country without organising school visits.

Join our conference programme with your practice-based research by submitting your proposal on conference.eapril.org (deadline May 10).

This year we also organise the 6th edition of the Best Research and Practice Project Award. You are invited to apply for this award with your inspiring project by submitting via our  submission system by choosing the format 'Best Research and Practice Project Award'. More information can be found on our website: https://www.eapril.org/award

Hope to meet you soon in Hämeenlinna!