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26th of January 2015

Ceriscope 4 - Environnement et relations internationales

26th of January 2015

Le CERI en collaboration avec la Bibliothèque du Centre Pompidou et les Presses de Sciences Po ont le plaisir de vous convier à une rencontre intitulée

"Mais que fait l'ONU ?"

Lundi 26 janvier à 19h, au Centre Pompidou, niveau -1

Programme détaillé :

23rd of January 2015

8the African Congress of Rheumatology

Lagos - Nigeria

22-23 and 24 September, 2015

23rd of January 2015

European Peace Research Association (EuPRA)
9th EuPRA Conference
September  2-4 September 2015

The Arctic University of Norway (University of Tromsø) - Norway 

Call For Papers – please distribute to your networks

The Framing of Europe: Peace Perspectives on Europe’s Future

20th of January 2015
48th Earoph Executive Meeting & Earoph Regional Conference, June 1st - 3rd, 2015
Ureshino City, Japan.
Theme : Planning and Housing foucused on Local Resources
Sub-Theme(1) Human Settlement;Ecology and Environment Sub-Theme(2) Healthful human life and Tourism Sub-Theme(3) Infrastructure and Development

For more information, please visit :


18th of January 2015

The European Federation for Experimental Morphology will held the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Council in Paris (France) on March 7, 2015. The Constituent Societies are encouraged sending the contribution for the Agenda to the Secretary-General (, as well as the information about the activities

15th of January 2015

Title of the conference:

EU Legislation and Implementation: New Romanian Law – Theory and Practise in Criminal Proceedings
Corporate Liability in Criminal Law – Panel

See (conference page) for more detailed information and registration.

14th of January 2015
Meteorological Technology World Expo is the must-attend event for any company or organisation looking for more accurate and next-generation weather forecasting and climate-change measurement technologies and services. Now in its fifth year, this truly global exhibition attracts over 150 exhibiting companies and 2,500+ attendees from over 70 countries.


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