title:The 29th Technical Session and 24th Plenary Session of the ICC-Angkor

The ICC-Angkor is an international coordinating mechanism for the assistance provided by different countries and organisations for the safeguarding and development of the historic site of Angkor.

In order to fulfil its role, the ICC-Angkor is kept informed about scientific projects or development operations undertaken on the site and in the Siem Reap-Angkor region. It sees to the consistency of the various projects and defines the technical and financial standards required when necessary. It highlights, when needed, any points requiring the attention of concerned parties.

title:Online registration is now open for Annual 2017 AEMRN Projectsˆ Experience Sharing Conference on SDGs with focus on Universal Health Coverage...Leaving no one behind at the United Nations Palais des Nations, Geneva

Dear Colleagues all,


As we go through so many disasters and challenges this year, there are lots of issues to be discussed during the upcoming annual AEMRN brainstorming and strategic planning session.


The annual 2017 AEMRN Projects` Experience Sharing Conference will be at the United Nations Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

title:Universal Health Coverage..AEMRN leaves no one behind: Heading soon to Northern Sierra Leone with Diaspora Medical Team as at same time patients from our last mobile clinics in Cameroon are being operated upon.

Dear all,


As it is we ran mobile clinics in South Western Cameroon some time ago –

title:IFLN Group Launches New IFLN Global Projects network

HOUSTON, September 13, 2017 - The International Freight Logistics Network (IFLN), a global organization of freight forwarders and logistics companies headquartered in Houston, Texas, has launched a new IFLN Global Projects network. Only cargo agents with experience and a high degree of capability in the field of project forwarding will form part of the rapidly expanding group, explains IFLN president Michel Vanlerberghe, who adds: “We want to be the new force in the world of project logistics management.”


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