Keynote Listening

About Keynote Listening

Keynote Listening is a service provided by Creative Connection and the UIA to associations for their conferences, meetings and other events.

Keynote Listening is an illustrated record of the evolution of a meeting capturing its essence and energy, its story, content and atmosphere in a quick and memorable manner so participants understand and retain the proceedings as it happens. While the speakers and participants contribute, we weave the key ideas of your meeting together. We draw information out and draw participants in capturing emotions and opinions. Each individual voice is heard and becomes visible on paper. Participants feel part of the creative process. During the meeting the participants can see at a glance the main issues, colour coded and collated. At the end of the meeting they have colourful visual minutes to photograph and take away.

We work with groups who have come together to discuss, consider, brainstorm and or develop issues/plans for the future. These may be anything from small groups to large conferences, leadership retreats, planning meetings, conflict management, etc.


  • Heightens thinking levels to develop ideas faster, more creatively and efficiently
  • Taps collective wisdom, sparks creativity and stimulates discussion
  • Assists learning and communication between groups and individuals
  • Helps people get to grips with big complicated ideas
  • Increases clarity and comprehension. You see what you mean and you retain it
  • Engages and records emotional intelligence
  • Reduces overload. Picks out main points, guides participants
  • Creates an instant record of main issues and gives participants solid, tangible documentation of process and product as they go along

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