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Future International Meetings & Congresses

Event Organization Location Start Date End Date

Annual Conference

International Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (ISMIT) Turin, Italy 09/11/2017 11/11/2017

Organic World Congress

IFOAM - Organics International (IFOAM) Delhi, India 09/11/2017 11/11/2017


Ibero-American Confederation of Christian Communicators, Mass Media, Pastors and Leaders Miami FL, USA 09/11/2017 11/11/2017

Annual Congress

European Association of Conservatories (AEC) Zagreb, Croatia 09/11/2017 11/11/2017


European Society for Diseases of the Esophagus (ESDE) Utrecht, Netherlands 09/11/2017 10/11/2017

Associations Round Table - Europe

Union of International Associations (UIA) Brussels, Belgium 09/11/2017 10/11/2017

LASER FLORENCE : International Congress on Laser Medicine and Surgery

International Academy of Laser Medicine and Surgery (IALMS) Florence, Italy 09/11/2017 11/11/2017

Conference on Labor Market Uncertainties for Youth and Young Adults

Asia Research Institute (ARI) Singapore, Singapore 09/11/2017 09/11/2017

Biennial Congress

Mediterranean Forum of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (MFPRM) St Julian's, Malta 09/11/2017 12/11/2017

Council Meeting and General Assembly

World Federation of Critical Care Nurses (WFCCN) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 10/11/2017 10/11/2017

Annual Conference

International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Long Beach CA, USA 10/11/2017 16/11/2017


International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) Chicago IL, USA 10/11/2017 13/11/2017

World Marketing Summit

World Marketing Summit (WMS) Istanbul, Turkey 10/11/2017 11/11/2017


EPP Women Berlin, Germany 10/11/2017 11/11/2017

Biennial Colloquium

International Academy of Heraldry Copenhagen, Denmark 10/11/2017 13/11/2017


International Olympic Committee (IOC) Lausanne, Switzerland 11/11/2017 11/11/2017

International Symposium

Regroupement Européen pour la FOrmation et la Reconnaissance des MEDecines non-conventionnelles (REFORMED) Brussels, Belgium 11/11/2017 12/11/2017

Annual Members Meeting

Consortium for the Maintenance of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI Consortium) Victoria BC, Canada 11/11/2017 15/11/2017

Annual Meeting

Society for Neuroscience Washington DC, USA 11/11/2017 15/11/2017

Annual Meeting

International Oxygen Manufacturers Association (IOMA) Dubai, United Arab Emirates 11/11/2017 15/11/2017

Annual meeting

New Orleans LA, USA 11/11/2017 14/11/2017

Annual Meeting

World Economic Forum (WEF) Dubai, United Arab Emirates 11/11/2017 12/11/2017


International Chemical Trade Association (ICTA) Naples FL, USA 12/11/2017 12/11/2017


International Society for Environmental Ergonomics Kobe, Japan 12/11/2017 17/11/2017

Global Congress for Consensus in Pediatrics and Child Health

Global Initiative for Consensus in Pediatrics (CIP) Colombo, Sri Lanka 12/11/2017 15/11/2017

Conference on Frontiers of Serotonin beyond the Brain

Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology (Keystone Symposia) Park City UT, USA 12/11/2017 15/11/2017

International Conference on Isotopes

World Council of Isotopes (WCI) Doha, Qatar 12/11/2017 16/11/2017

Annual North America Meeting

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Minneapolis MN, USA 12/11/2017 16/11/2017

Annual Conference

Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs (APSAD) Melbourne, Australia 12/11/2017 15/11/2017

IETF Meeting

Internet Society (ISOC) Singapore, Singapore 12/11/2017 17/11/2017

General Meeting

European Federation of Agricultural Exhibitions and Show Organizers (EURASCO) Hannover, Germany 12/11/2017 12/11/2017

ICCA Annual Congress and General Assembly

International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Prague, Czech Rep 12/11/2017 15/11/2017

MCE South Europe Forum

12/11/2017 14/11/2017

Annual Global Trade Symposium

Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals (ICTF) Fort Lauderdale FL, USA 12/11/2017 14/11/2017

Conference on Security, Democracy and Cities

European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) Barcelona, Spain 13/11/2017 17/11/2017

ERTC : Annual European Refining Technology Conference

World Refining Association (WRA) Athens, Greece 13/11/2017 15/11/2017

Annual Bridge and Road Engineering and Maintenance Qatar Conference

International Road Federation (IRF) Doha, Qatar 13/11/2017 15/11/2017

Agricultural Chief Scientists Meeting

Group of Twenty (G-20) Hannover, Germany 13/11/2017 13/11/2017

ADIPEC : Annual Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Conference

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 13/11/2017 16/11/2017

Nordic Innovation Conference

Nordic Network for Adult Learning Bergen, Norway 13/11/2017 14/11/2017


International Olympic Committee (IOC) Lausanne, Switzerland 13/11/2017 17/11/2017

Annual Conference

Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives, and Museums (PIALA) Pohnpei, Micronesia FS 13/11/2017 17/11/2017

Annual Conference

Asian Credit Supplementation Institution Confederation (ACSIC) Taipei, Taiwan 13/11/2017 17/11/2017

Board Meeting

ELIXIR Paris, France 13/11/2017 14/11/2017

International Debt Management Conference

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Geneva, Switzerland 13/11/2017 15/11/2017

Annual Global Petrochemicals Conference

World Refining Association (WRA) Athens, Greece 13/11/2017 15/11/2017

Annual Congress

Asia and Pacific Seed Association (APSA) Bangkok, Thailand 13/11/2017 16/11/2017

Annual Conference

European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) Sitges, Spain 13/11/2017 17/11/2017

International Workshop on Paleoseismology, Active Technoics and Archeoseismology

International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA) Blenheim, New Zealand 13/11/2017 16/11/2017

World Cancer Leaders Summit

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) Mexico City, Mexico 13/11/2017 15/11/2017


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